Dealing with time zone conversions (C++ / Boost)

Recently I was tasked with writing some code to convert between arbitrary time zones. I did some research and there are a few good libraries out there for C++ that make this task easy. I decided out implementation would use boost. We already use boost to handle various other things within our code base and […]

Visual Studio – Cross platform mobile development with C++.

I’ve been playing around in Visual Studio 2015, specifically with the cross platform C++ development tools. I started off by creating an OpenGLES Android/iOS project and trying a few things out in the sample project. I was able to build get the Android and iOS builds to work but not without running into a few headaches […]

MonoGame – Getting Started.

I’ve spent some time this week learning more about MonoGame and testing it’s feasibility for use in Slug Chronicles. Needless to say, at this point in time MonoGame is receiving a serious amount of developer love from it’s contributors. I’m guessing that my approach to this has been a bit off the beaten path because […]

Rant about SDK’s and Slug Chronicles Update 3

I haven’t been able to devote as much time to slug chronicles over the past few months as I would have liked, given that I have some updates as to the progress of the game. First, I would like to announce that all future slug chronicle specific update will be posted at , I’ll be […]

A Note about using MonoDevelop and Custom Formatting.

I ran into an issue with MonoDevelop that was extremely annoying. I upgraded to the latest unity build this morning and it came bundled with a new version of MonoDevelop (4.0.1). There seems to be some nice changes in here but one of the first things I noticed was that my code was not being […]

Galactic Run now available on Mac App Store and Windows Phone App Store

Galactic run is now available on both the Mac App Store, and the Windows Phone App store. There is an easter egg in the Mac version… Oculus Rift support! While in game hold I and press P to enable oculus support. As of right now, there are some issues with head tracking but I’ll be […]