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Read what the critics are saying about Krisotron “it’s actually a hell of a lot of fun” Read More “If you’re a fan of Robotron and are willing to give some new concepts a try, Krisotron is worth looking into.” Read More “The gameplay visual look nice with an almost 8-bit quality, creating a nice retro look to compliment the gameplay.” Read More “I hope to see more ambitious offerings from Rebel Box in the future,as they’ve managed to capture a spark of fun in Krisotron that shines through” Read More


In the land of candy canes and gum drops all is not well. The town that once stood as a pillar of hope for the planet has fallen to a rash of crimes that until recently appeared to be the act of violent mad clowns. It wasn’t until they messed with Krisotron; the half man, half robot, all bad ass, keeper of justice that they sealed their fate.

One day while at the bank with Princess Noida, Krisotron was approached by Dr. Gacy. A Ph.D holding son of a circus freak that no one liked, but never thought of him as more then a mere nuance. Dr. Gacy unleashed an evil barrage of juggling balls knocking Krisotron to the ground, this was all the time he needed. He grabbed Princess Noida and flew away in his tiny clown car.

Now Krisotron is out for revenge. He want’s his girl and he will be damned if some over sized shoe wearing honker nose is gonna steal her from him. Armed with his trusty multi gun he set forth to the suspected location of Dr. Gacy. It was located at an old castle in the outskirts of the city. Previously thought to be abandoned it has become apparent that this place is the source of all the crime, and Dr. Gacy is hiding within its walls most likely committing unspeakable horrors and making balloon animals.

Now you can help Krisotron liberate Princess Noida from Dr. Gacy’s evil clutch and put and end to all of the crime in the city. Will you join the fight?

Krisotron features 4 unique chapters with 5 levels each which take place inside of the castle, an array of awesome weapons with which to slaughter countless foes. Krisotron features non stop action packed mayhem that spreads across over 20 levels, along the way you will encounter many different creatures and challenging bosses. Krisotron is played from a top down shooter perspective and features retro style graphics. You also get the ability to upgrade your character by finding action points, these points can be used to increase your strength, firepower, health and an array of other attributes. Play Krisotron for free today!

Krisotron features

  1. 20 Unique non-stop action packed levels
  2. 6 Deadly weapons
  3. Devasting items to use on your enemies, including Death Discs
  4. Unique sounds will immerse you into the world of Krisotron
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