Mercenary Scramble

Mercenary Scramble Title Screen

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Mercenary Scramble Features
  1. Help the war effort by providing weapons to unscrupulous characters.
  2. Play through over 50 progressively challenging levels.
  3. The sounds of war will immerse you in the action.
  4. Buy upgrades and power ups to unlock even more destruction.
  5. Play through endless mode using your unlocked power ups.
  6. Available for ALL Android and iOS devices!

If you’ve always dreamed of being in the business of war, here’s your (virtual) chance. There’s a catch, however. Your business is a mercenary store, and the customers are quite demanding! In Mercenary Scramble, you’ll have to be quick on your feet–I mean, on your fingers–to succeed.

If you looking for a fast paced match 3 game that offers a real challenge you have found it. Mercenary Scramble is the game for you!

Supplying weapons to the masses is a tough job, take great pride in knowing that your goods will be put to use. In this game you’ll be busy selling weapons and military equipment. In order to do this you must line up at least three in a row of the item the customer wants.

It’s a classic match-three puzzle game, only with deadly weapons.
Your ‘customers’ come in 3 at a time, they might want grenades, pistols, or rockets. You have to be quick and find places on the grid where you can slide these objects into place and make a 3 or more match. When you are done with a customer (cash register shows up), you are done! Tap on it to check em out!

Sometimes you get the mercenary who waits patiently for you to finish, other times you get the mad scientist who acts more like a diva than anything else. Each customer has their own personality and you will unlock many more as you play.

Be sure to watch the patience meters that appear at the bottom of your customers’ crates, which reflect how fast you are filling their order. The faster you complete their order, the more bonus money you can earn. If the meter runs out, however, they leave mad and you just lost a sale. If you play well, you will earn tokens at the end of each level which you can use to upgrade items in your store as well as boost power ups.


  1. Tons of levels, customers and powerups.
  2. Endless mode for crazy fun. (Remember, the upgrades you gain during normal play will count towards this mode).
  3. Enjoy all of the unique sounds and heart pumping music in the game!
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