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Join Samantha on her quest to create the perfect grocery shopping experience. As an aspiring manager she is convinced she can run the most efficient and customer friendly supermarket, and she’s out to prove it! Swap and slide bananas, apples, lettuce and other essential grocery items to make groups of three or more and fill your customers shopping list orders. Between levels you can upgrade all aspects of your supermarket with the tokens you have earned; improve the quality of items in the store, upgrade your store, or stock up on power-up upgrades to help you on your quest. For awesome fun with all the trimmings, download Supermarket Scramble today!

Supermarket Scramble is a fun cross between match-3 and time management games. It offers a unique challenge to the player in that you must make matches quickly, but also monitor the customers coming into your store. As you play through the game you will acquire tokens which you can use to improve your store, items, and power-ups! Take control of your very own supermarket in this fun, challenging game. Explore the dozens of challenging levels. Unlock all of the power-ups and customers that are available.

Once you have complete the core game test your mettle in endless mode and win big. All tokens that you have acquired during normal play will apply towards your endless matches.


  1. Over 50 levels to play and master!
  2. Earn tokens in order to power-up your gameplay.
  3. Many unique customers to unlock and master.
  4. Many unique power-ups to unlock and upgrade!
  5. Endless mode is available! Beat your best score!

How to play:

The core game-play of Supermarket Scramble involves matching 3 similar items on the board in order to complete an awaiting customers order. The matches must be made horizontally or vertically and must contain 3 or more of the same type of item. The customers will appear near the bottom of the screen and you will see the items they desire on their shopping list. By completing matches of their desired types you will add those items to their orders. Once you have given them all of the items on their shopping list a register will appear over their shopping list. Simply press the shopping list in order check-out the customer. You will be rewarded with cash for the items they purchased and a bonus based on how much patience they have remaining. After completing each level you will be able to upgrade items, power-ups, and your store. Select the category and item you wish to upgrade, press again to spend a token on that upgrade! Once you are done be sure to press the apply button in order to confirm your upgrade.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations please be sure to let us know. You may also use our customer support email if you run into any issues while attempting to play Supermarket Scramble. Do not hesitate to report any issues to us we will resolve them as soon as possible.

If you love playing diner dash, bejeweled, or burger rush you will love Supermarket Scramble!

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