Next game – Space roguelike built with unity 3d.

Next game to be released by Rebel Box will be a space roguelike. I am going for the coffeebreak variety. I am currently planning on the following features.

  • Randomly generated loot.
  • Level-up/Skill tree
  • Randomly generated levels with¬†progressively¬†harder enemies. [It’ll be¬†interesting to see how I translate dungeons into space environments]
  • Drop in/ Drop out gameplay mainly designed for mobile.
  • Perma-Death that wipes autosaves. (Still debating how this will work).

I am grabbing a few pre-built scripts from the Unity Asset store, should help save a boatload of time.

I definitely want to stay as true to the roguelike genre as possible. Every turn will count, exploration, loot, leveling and unlocking skills will take front and center to everything else. I have a limited set of assets to work with but I will make the most of what I have and use the power of unity 3d to provide as much visual spice as I can.

I’ll be posting more info as I get further into development.

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