Listen to your fans

I always love hearing back from the gaming community and our fans. I received an email this week from someone we’ll call Joan.

“It would be awesome if y’all could develop the classic jumble with awesome graphics or something. The original with four scramble words and arrange them to figure out the picture clue. I have been searching for a similar game like in the newspaper but no luck for androids only iPhones. I would love to play n share it.”

Thanks for the feedback! I am always looking for new game ideas and will take suggestion into account as I work on the road map of game for next year. In the mean time, if anyone out there in the community knows of any game that would hold her over until please let me!

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  1. Jaclyn Sadorra says:

    I sent you some game ideas too! I LOVE SUPERMARKET SCRAMBLE!!!

  2. bezbikerider says:

    That’s pretty cool. As an indie developer myself I have had this experience. It feels great to get feedback from users.

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